The Need for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Anyone who has ever had to move from one flat to another understands how stressful everything can be. There seems to be no end to the challenges confronting you, as you have to juggle the demands of career and family with time-consuming details like packing away your belongings, getting everything loaded onto moving trucks, and transporting it all to your new home. With all of those major concerns sapping your time and energy, cleaning the rental property is often the last thing on your mind. The problem is that the only way you’ll get your deposit back is if the landlord is satisfied that you’ve properly completed your end of tenancy cleaning.

That cleaning is a standard requirement in most tenant lease agreements. You pay a deposit to the landlord at the time you take possession of the property, and you get that deposit back only when you can demonstrate that you’ve left the place as clean as it was when you moved in. At the time you sign the agreement, it always seems like a minor detail. After all, you’re a clean person and it certainly won’t take more than a bit of tidying to get everything back to pristine cleanliness when you leave – right? Sadly, those expectations never seem to match up with reality.

The fact is that a lot can happen to a rental property, and dirt and grime and other concerns can crop up in the least expected places. As you move all of your belongings out of the home, all of these areas of uncleanliness will suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. Most people have experienced this phenomenon first-hand in one way or another. Almost everyone is surprised to see just how dirty their homes actually were once furniture and other belongings are no longer masking the mess!

Your Options

So, what are your options? The most obvious one is also the most objectionable for many people: clean it yourself. After all, you made the mess so you may as well clean it up. That, of course, means gathering a collection of serious cleaning supplies and dedicating several hours of your time to scrubbing and polishing every square inch of the premises to return it to its former state of glory. And if that sounds like something less than a barrel of fun to you, then just know that you are not alone.

No one really wants to get stuck with this after-removal cleaning job. When it’s time to move to a new place, you just want to pack your things and get to that new home as quickly as possible. On the other hand, most people don’t want to lose out on their deposit. Many rely on that money to help with the move, or pay the deposit for the next place. Still, if you really don’t want to clean it yourself then what can you do? It’s simple: hire professionals.

   Professional Cleaning Benefits

The most obvious benefit to hiring a professional service – the fact that you won’t have to clean the place yourself- is just one of the many reasons for contracting with the pros. The fact is that you may or may not have professional-level experience with these types of cleaning jobs, but the odds are that you won’t. To ensure that you get your deposit back, you need to have the place cleaned by a company that understands exactly what needs to be done to satisfy your landlord.

  • Kitchen Cleaning. Many tenants forget things like the cupboards, sink taps, and grease traps. And then there are those appliances that you may think are clean, but are in reality nowhere near as clean as they should be. Would you think to clean the oven thoroughly? How about the microwave, refrigerator, and other appliances? Most people never consider cleaning the rubbish bins, wiping down all the walls, and polishing every surface in the room. A good cleaning company will.
  • This area often requires even more work than the kitchen. Professionals will scrub the shower, remove grease and grime from the tiles, clean and polish the taps and other fixtures, thoroughly de-scale the toilet, and even touch up the mirrors.
  • Bedrooms, Living Rooms, etc. The other rooms in the home might not need as much attention, but they still need to be cleaned thoroughly. That includes cleaning the drapes or blinds, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning any hardwood or tile flooring, and emptying and cleaning storage areas like closets.

   The Best Services

The best cleaning services will bring their own cleaning materials, and only finish when the job is complete. You really know you’ve found one of the best, however, when that company guarantees its work by only calling the job “done” when you’ve successfully received your deposit money. In cases where the landlord disputes the cleaning and insists that more needs to be done, the best companies return to the site and do even more cleaning to ensure that he or she is satisfied. That should be a 100% guarantee of quality workmanship that you can rely on every time.

To locate the best service, you need to thoroughly research your available options online and consult with friends or family members who have recently moved. Contact several of the most promising companies and ask them about how they approach all of the various services listed above. Top companies will always be only too eager to discuss their competencies, as well as the professionalism of cleaning staff and other personnel.

Remember, you only have a couple of options when it comes to getting that deposit money returned to you. You either have to clean the entire rental home yourself, or you will have to have someone else do it for you. In London, that can mean many hours of researching cleaning companies and interviewing them to see which firm is most likely to provide the results you need. Alternatively, you can start your search by contacting the proven experts in end of tenancy cleaning, and talking to one of their professionals today.

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