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Moving Tips

Moving can be exciting because of the delight of living in a new place. You make so many plans of turning it into a dream home by getting rid of the clutter and taking along only the essentials. While it sounds simple and thrilling, accomplishing it is not as easy as you may think. It’s a good idea to have a helping hand on the day you move and do some planning prior to this day so that you can enjoy the new place and feel relaxed at the same time. Here are a few moving tips to make this intimidating job simpler and easier to accomplish.

Pack only the essentials first. When you’re just starting off with packing, you’re energetic and happy. This is the time to arrange your essentials and pack them up in boxes or bags so that you remember where you put everything and when you have to unpack in the new house or apartment these bags are the first ones you search in.

Use clear plastic boxes or packing cubes. Clear boxes reveal all the items they carry and therefore they come in handy when you have to move. Other boxes can cartons that contain items belonging to the same category can be labeled. Similarly, packing cubes come with a mesh lining that allows you to see through them in order to identify what items each cube contains. These are particularly useful for organizing clothes.

Keep bathroom and kitchen essentials handy. The bathroom and the kitchen are going to be used the moment you enter your new house no matter what time of the day it is. So, make sure you pack some bathroom accessories as well as some kitchenware in a separate box and unpack it first before doing anything else. It is also a good idea to have these two rooms cleaned up before you arrive especially if you have kids with you.

Make sure your toiletries don’t leak. Put a polythene wrap over all your toiletries including shampoo bottles, essential oils, lotions, moisturizers, makeup removers, and so on. This is to ensure that these bottles don’t leak all over your stuff. Complete this task a couple of days ahead for things you’re not going to use till you move to your new place.

Make dresser drawers sealed up. You don’t have to empty the contents of your dresser drawers provided you plan on taking your old furniture to the new dwelling. However, to prevent these drawers to spill out their contents, you need to use some sealing product like Press ‘n Seal for individual items also to prevent them from mixing up and creating a mess. If you have items like a jewelry display, these plastic wraps can be used for them as well.


Use zip-lock bags for small items. Small items can be easily lost during moving. In order to store them efficiently and professionally, use zip-lock transparent storage bags. These are many benefits of using these handy bags. First off, they are see-through that allows you to inspect their contents. Secondly, they are tightly sealed and because of this there is no fear of spilling up the contents. And most importantly, they are easy to store because the plastic can be folded easily removing all the air inside.

Be sure to take some photos. Before you unplug your TV set connected to DVD player, speakers, HDMI, and so on, make sure you take a photo of all the connections so that you can reinstall the system easily and quickly. Photos can be taken for other items as well especially the ones you have customized according to your needs.

Make use of all your suitcases. If you plan on taking along your suitcases, carry-on luggage, laundry baskets, and toys boxes, make sure you fill them all up to save on space. There is no need to add more cartons when you already have these storage options available. Suitcases can be filled up with clothing using packing cubes. You can also use vacuum storage for items that you’re not going to use immediately.

Pack completely before calling help. Before your friends or relatives as well as the professional movers arrive, make sure you have packed up each and everything into boxes, cartons, and suitcases. This will help save time and also make sure there is nothing left in the kitchen or the bathroom that needs to be moved.

Give each box a number. When you’re done packing, number your boxes and cartons. It will give you an idea of how many boxes you have, is it a reasonable number, and when they have been moved you can see if all boxes have arrived safely. It is also a good idea to keep a notepad with a list of all your boxes. If a number is missing, you can go back and see where it was left.

Use stretch wrap. When you’re done packing, group up smaller boxes into a large cube and wrap them up using stretch wrap. This way you can protect your precious belongings and at the same time reduce the number of boxes or cases to be moved to the new location. Stretch wrap is a wonderful product designed for efficient moving and therefore it is highly recommended you buy a roll beforehand.

Hire professional movers. Hiring professional movers can help you save time and effort spent on moving. Moreover, these people make sure all your fragile items are well taken care of. They help you pack kitchenware like plates and tumblers and other easily breakable items properly using the best tools and techniques. However, if you plan on using the service of professional movers, it is recommended that you book them a couple of weeks before you move.

Unpack by room. When you have moved, open all the cartons belonging to one room at a time. This will allow you to save time and feel more in control of your items. To achieve this, label all your boxes with the destination they will be going to. This makes the process of packing and unpacking very professional and easily manageable.