For the Best Removals, Trust the Professionals

If there is anything more frustrating and exhausting than the removal process, most people would be hard-pressed to find it. The fact is that moving is a lot of hard work. It can entail many hours of packing up one’s belongings, loading everything onto a rented truck or other vehicles, and then unloading at your destination. And even when that is all said and done, you still have to tidy up the old flat, clean it properly to ensure that you get your deposit back, and deal with a million other minute details related to the move. Given that complexity, it is no wonder that so many people have chosen instead to rely on professional removal companies to handle their moving needs.

Naturally, there are some factors that are more attractive than others when you’re evaluating your options and trying to decide which company to hire. Contrary to popular opinion in many quarters, however, pricing is not always the sole determining factor. Most companies are fairly close to one another when it comes to moving rates, so simply choosing the cheapest will seldom provide you with the best services. Instead, you have to look at the full range of services different companies offer, and compare and contrast all of those factors before making a determination.


Obviously, a company’s ability to actually accomplish the removal has to be at the top of any list of qualifying characteristics. Companies that promise the moon and deliver a pebble are a dime a dozen these days. Your removal job should be handled by a firm with the moving equipment, trained personnel, and commitment to top service needed to ensure that the entire job is done properly, with maximum attention paid to every detail.

That means that you need a company with the moving vans and drivers needed to effectively transport your belongings from one location to another, while minimizing property damage. The proper tools need to be on hand during the move, to ensure that loading and unloading are accomplished without damaging furniture, breaking fragile items, or otherwise harming your belongings. Properly trained moving teams will know how to pack and secure any type of item to minimize that risk.

   Furniture Dismantling

Though some of the large-truck movers might think nothing of simply tossing large furniture aboard their trucks in an intact state, true professionals know that this is not the most secure way to transport such items. The fact is that your furniture often represents one of the largest investments in your life. Tables, couches, vanities, and other items can all be damaged during moves – with many older items often suffering scratches and scrapes that diminish their worth.

Competent movers can prevent that by properly dismantling those valuable furniture items so that they can be secured within the van in a way that protects them against such damage. Not every company out there has the trained professionals needed to safely dismantle valuable furniture items, so caution must always be exercised when searching for the right candidate.


Ultimately, the success of any move can come down to how well everything is packed. Many times, people pack their own belongings in cardboard boxes they have saved or accumulated from friends and family. Many fail to use packing materials that cushion breakables, don’t take time to consider how different items will interact with one another inside a container, or make other critical packing mistakes that leave their belongings more vulnerable than they should be. Professional removal services don’t make those types of errors.

When you select the right company for the job, you will be hiring professionals who know how to pack up everything exactly as it should be packed. These companies typically provide the packing boxes and other containers, packing tape, and other materials needed to secure all of your fragile items and protect them from harm. When you are interviewing any removal company, be sure to ask them about their packing processes and capabilities.

   The Loading

Proper loading of the van is essential to ensuring that everything survives the trip. While it might seem as though loading is a simple matter, it really does take a professional to ensure that everything is packed into the van in a way that makes the best use of limited space while also providing an extra layer of security to safeguard the wellbeing of all of your belongings.

   Are they Insured?

Though some companies might expect you to simply accept the loss of certain items during a move, there is no need for that. There are companies out there that give greater consideration to your belongings, providing insurance coverage for your valuable possessions.  Typically, this coverage has a set limit for the move, so always be sure to find out the details before you hire any candidate. Still, the bottom line is simple: never settle for a company that refuses to stand behind its work.

   Range Matters

If you’re moving from London, you might also find yourself stifled in your choices by the need to find a company that can move your items efficiently to other destinations in the country. There are firms with offices in the capital, however, and many of them provide transport to other counties. Always ask about the range of any company’s services before you choose them, to ensure that the firm has experience moving customers to your desired location.

As you can see, there are a whole host of important concerns to be considered as you make your choice about which removal firm to hire. There are many different London removal companies, and that variety of choices can make it difficult to find the right firm for your needs. However, when you focus on the core areas of competence that any solid transport provider should possess, and work to narrow down your options to only those companies that can provide the services you need, the choice will become clearer. Just remember that finding the right removal company is never something that just happens by accident!


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